Every builder has a set of inputs, tools, and techniques to simplify the process. When making a house, a contractor doesn’t start off with fresh cut timber logs on the empty plot of land and just their bare hands. They start off with many prefabricated parts and tools like drywall, plaster, hammers, nails and even a blueprint.

Angular is an Open Source JavaScript project built by Google that provides a software engineer with tools in order to more easily create a single page web application. It’s a great way for software engineers to work faster and with less bugs. Instead of having to write all of the code for certain common needs, an engineer can use something from Angular’s library of tools that accomplishes that goal.

For example, every single page application needs to do something when a link is clicked on, and the URL changes, like changing the data on the screen. This is a process that could be painstakingly created by each software engineer on each individual project, but using Angular, with only a small amount of code written, this can be created in minutes.

Similarly, there are dozens of other features that Angular provides for out of the box, like communicating with the cloud, making reusable components, and creating data driven animations, and a lot more.