Browsers are your gateway to the world wide web just like how your phone is your gateway to anyone with a phone number There are many competing browsers out there but the ones that you probably use are microsoft’s Edge, Google’s chrome, Apple’s Safari or mozilla’s firefox. , although smart phones can do so much more.

The browser is a piece of software on your computer that understands how to communicate with other computers and bring back information in the form of websites/webpages that you can interact with.

They communicate with other computers using HTTP, the hyper text transfer protocol.just like your phone knows all of the intricacies of how to make another phone ring and how to get the voice on the other side to be heard by you, the browser can do the same with information on the web.

In a bit more detail, it knows how to go from the name to the long number called IP address. It then knows how to ring up that IP address and get the information stored there. It then converts that information into an image on the screen that you can scroll through and read. The browser knows how to speak the formal protocol of the web, HTTP.