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Last Updated: February 4, 2023

What is CSS?

What is CSS and what do we use it for?

Welcome to CSS Basics. I’m going to help you build a beautiful profile for yourself, with your picture, past experiences, everything else you’d wanna show off, using just basic HTML and CSS.

C...S...S What can I say. A topic near and dear to my heart. Let me tell you something. There are some people who don’t like CSS (not that they have a choice), but they hate on it so hard! They tell you it makes no sense… bla bla bla... They cry about it instead of learning it the right way. And that’s ok. I cry about 'PHP' and I will probably never really learn it well. My goal is that YOU won’t fall into that trap and hopefully fall in love with CSS the way I did.

A lot of good programmers don't know how to write good CSS, but that's not because it's hard or it's any less important, usually people with some creative background are more interested in CSS.

So hopefully you will become a CSS master one day soon starting today.

CSS is the programming language we use to make our pages pretty that's all. Without CSS the internet would be an ugly ugly place.

We will be talking about colors, sizing, typography and fonts, borders and backgrounds, layouts and containers, spacing using padding and margin, it is very fun. It’s like painting but with code. I will be using Google Chrome for the majority of this course, so if you don’t have it go ahead and download it from here, so you can follow what I’m doing. It’s makes it easy to code together and debug. It has a great set of dev tools that are especially useful for CSS. You can actually write code inside Chrome in the dev tools, and watch your HTML/CSS update immediately. I’ll be doing that a lot. It’s awesome.

And last thing before we start is that I am assuming you know basic HTML. If not I have an HTML Basics Course that I highly highly highly highly highly highly highly recommend you watch first. I teach you everything you need to know in 11 short videos. We’ll be adding CSS to the HTML page we built in that course. So you gotta watch that first.

Alright boys and girls. Open your IDEs and here we go. CSS Basics.