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Programming in 1 Day


Last Updated: February 4, 2023


Where does my code live?

You almost never work on a program by yourself. When you’re working with other developers you want to be able to see each other's code and work on them together. This starts to get complicated when there are more than two people working on the same code base (which is where all the code for a project is).

You would have to send your code to each other every time you make a change. But how? Email? What if you work on the same file at the same time? Whose code should we keep? Should we manually keep track of everyone's changes and manually put them together every day? Are you nuts???

It can become a nightmare real quick. So we use something called Source Control or Version Control. It’s a central place where everybody puts their code. It keeps track of everybody's work, it merges all the changes together so no one loses anything they worked on. It really makes life easy for programmers. Nowadays it's impossible to imagine programming without Source Control.

Github is a pretty popular platform built on top of Git, arguably the best Source Control system we have today. It has a YUUUUUUGE user base and there's a reason for that. We’ll get to Git later. People can share their code on Github for everybody else to see and contributes to. That's what open source means. And that's what Source Control is. So let’s go to, create an account and I’ll see you there.

By the way, you should follow ColorCode on Github so you can keep up with all the course material I put out there. Enjoy!